How-To Videos

This piece was a bear but I made sure to have fun with it. Based on an obscure episode of Rick and Morty, because that’s how I roll, this piece is called Our Lady Gazorpazorp as a pun. Only minor problems with this piece, which I was able to fix with a little patience and creativity. Thanks for watching!
I did two copies of this painting, and it turned into a huge project. It is always a pleasure to paint, but some days more than others. I am proud of this video. It shows some mistakes and some solutions, and overall it reminds me that I just need to keep going.
This video features a tree-ring paint pour as the background, and I go into good depth about recipes and process for this. Pour painting is something anyone can do, and is cheap to get into. You can do it on any surface, flat or not, and is a great way to add an artistic element to most projects.
This piece was a ton of layers and a lot of work, but I am super happy with the result. Batman the Animated Series was a staple of my childhood, and used most of the characters the best of any time they appeared on the screen. I think this is a fitting homage, it’s still available in my store.
In this video I show my process for painting a piece like this from start to finish. More stencil fun!
This is a highlight video showing the best bits of this painting, The Tragedy of Mr. Freeze. I love this piece, the design was a lot of work but it was totally worth it.
This is a highlight type video, showing the best bits of my painting of Hector Salamanca from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. I’m really happy with how it turned out. Notice how I paint the background last.
This is a basic Batman piece, and this video shows the highlights. It’s a simple piece that anyone could do, give it a try!
I did this piece in remembrance of a friend who passed away. His ashes are spread on this mountain above our hometown. Artwork is a great way to pay tribute, but I find portraits often make people sad.
This is a highlight painting. No process, just the fun stuff. I love this painting and it’s pretty easy to do. You can try this one out with a little work!
This piece was a beast! Step by step stencil painting with notes and annotations. Hit me up with any questions you might have!
Pour painting is something anyone can do, and it makes for great backgrounds! In this video I pour a background for my tardis stencils, and it turns out great! Step by step instructions and recipes!
Stencils and spraypaint all the way with this one, click through to see how its done! Just the right amount of hot. There are a lot of good techniques to be learned from this video, such as painting the background last, and misting for the see through effect. This was not a horribly difficult painting to do, you should try a Batman of your own! Click the contact button above with any questions you might have, and look for this piece in my shop!
This 11 layer painting was an homage to the painting of Boba Fett I originally saw years ago that made me say, ‘I wonder if I could do that?’. If I can so can you! I swear it’s not as hard as you think! Watch the video, feel free to hit me up with any questions, and look for this piece in my shop!